yep – this is what i’ve become

It was forecast to rain like anything today, so we planned accordingly: no bike ride, no run, no golf, all hearty meals and coziness.

When I woke up, okay, when the kitties woke me, up, at 5:30am it was dark and (I think) raining. When I woke after the post-feeding snooze at around 7am, it was definitely raining.

But, in probably good news, the rain soon ceased and it ended up being a pretty lovely day. For better or worse though, we stuck to our plan and bunkered down (after a bit of hunter/gathering for food supplies). That is until Don could bear it no longer and went for a hit.

I stayed home and pottered and did a bunch of ironing while watching the great british sewing bee. It was very comforting. My past self is boggling at the idea that ironing could be soothing.

Don spent the evening making homesick texan: sour cream chicken enchiladas while I continued to potter.

The enchiladas were amazing. So amazing, I actually busted out the decent camera.


This week I’ve really truly ramped up my old lady by:

✚ texting the breakfast host from one of our fave community radio stations because he was using “boffin” incorrectly – repeatedly. Honestly, kids today …
✚ emailing three separate real estate agents featured this post to see if they could source the artist name from artworks in couple of interior shots from their separate listings
✚ wearing pretty much the same outfit as three (thankfully, super-stylish) older ladies spotted at my ultra-wanky supermarché


It is also supposed to rain like anything tomorrow. I plan to do much the same as today.

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