the house is tidy and the sheets are fresh and crisp

It did rain like anything today, though very fortunately not until after I had squeezed in a mood-improving 5km run.

We then went out to quickly grab the couple of vital ingredients we’d forgotten in our shop yesterday. This was the second such trip – I had to run out last night to grab coriander (and came  back with a whole bunch of off-list items, as was the case today).

Then I cooked a 5:2 chicken & bacon casserole and the always awesome red beans & rice while watching more sewing bee. I’d have to say I’m quite underwhelmed by sewing bee this season, but it does kind of make we want to whip up a couple of garments, perhaps even break the overlocker from its box.

I’m really not sure what else I actually did. It felt like I was busy. I did do those things in the title and drank a few glasses of wine to celebrate the (enforced) departure of an incredibly ghastly woman from SML. I did not do any worky-work which is probably a good thing as it is about to get a bit all- consuming in the next few months. 

I suspect I’ll get to wear my wellies to work tomorrow, but that it will be lovely weather for the clomp home – making me look just a smidge ridiculous.

As an experiment I’m going to not buy lunch or breakfast next week. This will be a breeze on Tuesday and Thursday because I don’t eat either breakfast or lunch on those days – we’ll see how the others go. I think I’ll just be pleased to not have to pay $12 for a sandwich or salad and to avoid lunch decision anxiety/paralysis.

I know I say this every weekend, but how can it already be time to go back to work? 

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