spring! even the weeds look amazing.

This evening Bessie and I ruthlessly attacked the fabric stash. You might recall that we undertook this exercise back in January.

This time we’ve pared down to almost nothing by asking ourselves very tough questions about whether we would really do anything with the various pieces. And I think we probably need to add a “donate by” date if stuff is still lingering after a year.

What I find really interesting about this second wave of assessing all of our possessions is that we were so sure that we’d culled all the non-essentials earlier in the year. This time around we’ve already taken a car boot load to the charity shop – with at least one more load to come.

I suspect this renewed enthusiasm to divest ourselves of things has quite a bit to do with the trip to Japan and the fact we stayed in one hotel room for 11 days. We had minimal posessions and we managed perfectly well. Plus, of course, encountering  beautiful minimalist spaces – so peaceful and soothing and I want a part of that.

There’s still quite a huge amount to go through – I hope we can keep up the momentum! The current frugal kick does help with this quite a lot – if we’re not bringing it in, we don’t have to get rid of it.

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