how can tomorrow be february?

When we left off, there were two lots of very wet dough sitting in muslin lined bowls in the fridge.

pretty sure this is not going to end well

I put off baking for (or even looking at the dough) as long as possible by working a bit (at 6:30am – eeep!). You’d think that Vern-Percy being restructured out of my team 18 months ago would have eliminated many of my murderous feelings toward him. My weekend work has been largely because of his less than stellar efforts at something for Bobs, so I’m feeling considerably less than well disposed toward him right now.

I dragged myself away from spreadsheets for a short while and took a lovely bike ride with Don. I feel like I am finally getting the hang of gears! It was a glorious day.

And it seemed to be the first day of dog school in the dog park, so we sat, had some water and were highly entertained by the doggy hijinx.

i’ve called my bike corey – because i like to think it’s hardcore to have a rusty pink mountain bike

the route

I felt so much better afterward. RelentlesslyCheerfulPhysio tells me I need to keep up with the cardio and that I should be biking more, in addition to running. And interesting that I felt horribly horrible and completely overwhelmed yesterday. You’ve probably realised, way before I did, that this correlates with the couple of glasses of wine on Friday evening. And I do believe this happened the last time I was drinking. Next time I want a wine, I’m totally going to buy a family-sized chocolate instead.

When I arrived home from riding and caught my breath, I grabbed a photo of some of our decluttering efforts from yesterday.

Bessie’s wardrobe tends to be a bit of a dumping-ground for all manner of things (yoga mats, suitcases) and contains most of our sewing, knitting, crafting materials. We took a fairly ruthless approach to the craft materials and ditched/donated a whole bunch of fabric we’d probably never do anything with. There’s still a little more to do, but we’ve broken the back of it.

Then I worked a whole lot more (the results look really very good, but it has been pretty hard going), and then it was time to face those puddles of dough …

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