50before50: #31 make a sourdough loaf. b-1

It was quite mad to start the bread today, but once I’d committed I really didn’t want to waste all the work I’d already put in.

I had physio, we had to go out for kitty foodz in horrendous traffic; take Joe/Frank to sign up for the physio gym; work on a horribly huge unstable document for many hours, which I couldn’t save locally because it was full of 87 billion database links; help Bessie massively declutter her wardrobe; and try to attend to the bread.

Yes, this was probably way, way too much to do

It was all going well …

the leaven rose really well overnight

gathering the ingredients

before the bulk fermentation

during the bulk fermentation

But timing kind of went out the window and now the dough seems a bit (a lot) wet and has not risen terribly well. Currently is sitting in the warm garage while waiting for the next step.

We had Joan over for dinner tonight which was quite late indeed because we hadn’t realised the oven was on the wrong setting. And there was a huge amount of clean-up.

I finally turned the dough out on the bench at 10:50pm, separated it into two and …

I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t look like pancakes.

So I’m going to bundle it up for proving overnight and have a crack at baking it tomorrow, but I suspect we can mark this project down as unsuccessful!

I’m so exhausted right now, what a difficult day!

<edited to add> as ever the InformationSuperhighway has s potential answer. There was an enormous thunderstorm and it turned horrendously humid just before the dough liquidisation.

Dough is currently proving in the fridge, I’ll pour it into loaf tins to bake if it is still contrary tomorrow.

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