NewKitty helps with the morning pushups. that’s one freckled back!

Holy!Goodness! What a week (okay, three days)! AND I’ll be doing a good deal of work tomorrow.

I have reminded myself that I’m lucky to be paid sufficiently well to be able to tolerate the occasional imposition on my weekend and fortunately I had not settled on my Action Items for the weekend – because these would be seriously curtailed.

And tonight I have busted out one of my 5 wine drinking occasions for the year, because wow, we’re totally living in a new age and it is both stressful and exhausting. But I do kind of like the new (slightly-unhinged) regime.


Tonight I took 55g of Rye-an Seacrust and began prep for the leaven for turning into bread tomorrow.

I fed the remainder of Rye-an as normal, then I’ll let him lie dormant in the fridge until I see how the epic baking weekend goes! I’ve loved feeding him and watching him grow, it’s been rather like having a little oozy pet.

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