all the exercise!

Recently a bike-mad colleague recommended M7 cycleway and we were very keen to give it a bash. We finally had a Sunday when no rain was forecast, so today was the day! It’s a fair hike to get there, but early on a Sunday morning we made it out in 30 minutes.

It’s a fabulous path in really fantastic condition – there are hills, but they are fairly rolling and I didn’t have too much trouble with them (though Don was much faster) – thankfully it wasn’t necessary to get off and push!

quite a few hills

You’re barely aware that you’re riding next to a very, very busy motorway – it’s very scenic – loads of bushland, lovely creeks and ponies! We were very sensible and packed sandwiches and an adequate amount of snacks. The weather was magnificent and we loved every second of it – best ride we’ve had for ages.

We didn’t do the whole 80km (40 out | 40 back), but we did manage a very respectable 61.78km! The furthest we’ve ridden in quite some time.

Next time – we’re definitely tackling the whole thing.

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