they’ll make great pets

I’m not quite ready to abandon the daily posting so, as promised, this is where the wee fig seedlings are at.

Repotted since the last update – which I thought was a lot longer ago than it was. So this doesn’t necessarily warrant an update, but oh well, I’ve started writing now.

The figgies are still living indoors, but now receive a fair bit of morning sun – they’re currently positioned on the floor against the window to the lower balcony. 

They each have quite a few leaves now, but I’m surprised at how delicate and fragile the stems / trunks (whatever they’re called – my horticultural vocabulary being abysmal) are. I’m also surprised that the appear to be growing almost sideways. I’m curious to see if / how they manage to stand up.

Amazing to think they could eventually grow into something bigger than ThePalce(OfLove).

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