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Because last year’s Xmas jigsaw puzzle was such a wild success, we made a very last minute decision to do another this year. We were keen to do another map puzzle, because we’re all about the maps. These are not the easiest things to find in stores, so I was pretty pleased to find the vintage world puzzle at Dynamocks the day before the holiday started.

We (okay, I) had the genius idea of using Bessie’s craft table as our puzzle table. It’s on wheels and so could be shifted about depending on what we were doing – so much better than using the dining table. She wanted it out of her room, so a win for everyone!

Progress shots:


The finished product! 

Yes, we had to get a magnifying glass because it was so insanely detailed and we have old eyes.


Well, finished except for that one piece of Antarctica – which we fear one of the kitties has made off with:

Challenging and lots of fun (and very easy to just lose all sense of time). This is definitely entering the realms of a Xmas holiday tradition – next year, perhaps really step it up to a 3000 piece pirate world or amazing world.

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