adventures in gardening: 784534759365 – part 4 (week 28!)

twenty-eight weeks!

1. I cannot believe these wee figs are still growing!

2. I also cannot believe how slowly these wee figs are growing.

3. How can it be 28 weeks since I started growing these wee figs?

4. What am I doing with my life?


The slightly-less-wee lemon forests are in the midst of a growth spurt.

They’re now about 2 years old, last pictured back in February. I’m pretty sure you cannot have bonsai lemon trees, but I’m going to give it a good crack.


Bonus geranium. I spied a bunch of geranium prunings on the footpath while running a while back and snaffled one very small piece. Stuck it in water, it grew crazy roots, stuck it in some soil, it went pretty crazy and just flowered!

Though I don’t think it is quite happy in its current location (front verandah, full sun, busy road).

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