though i think i’ll give the michael keaton film a miss

sunset: yesterday

The SML wellness challenge continues apace, but has recently evolved into a slightly different format.

Now, rather than picking 5 items to achieve in a week, the challenge lasts for a month. There are 39 nominated activities to complete and the person with the most items crossed off the giant list is the winner. We piloted this for 2 weeks in October and everyone was mad for it. I came in second in the pilot – if I had only complimented a colleague, bought some flowers (at odds with the Extreme Frugality) or watched a Robert De Niro film, that ghastly $2 shop trophy would have been mine (for a month)!

What this now means of course is that I have a whole lot of SML challenges competing with the 50before50 ones. This is a bit tricksy because I’m kind of horrifically competitive. Do I want to smash my colleagues? Or do I want to achieve my personal goals?

The grown-up thing to go would be to focus on the secret personal goals.

I think we know which option I’ll go for.

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