ride ride ride ride

Early(ish) this morning Don and I got out the bikes again and cycled 34.85km to Dolls Point and back.

We rode mostly on the road, rather than the shared cycle / pedestrian path, and I managed to ride up all the hills (there’s one dreadful hill toward the end where I usually have to get off half-way and walk), so I was pretty delighted.

Slowly, slowly getting back to cycling fitness and becoming less terrified riding in traffic. I’m really hoping to get back to 80km and doing it regularly by say, mid-2017.

It was quite warm, even at 9am, so we stopped for a short rest and water at the turn-around point.

The corpse of a tiny car was scattered across the field next to the path, so of course there was nothing for it but to grab some photos.


The parent of these wee seedlings. Seedlings still going strong, I should add that to the blog updates list.

I hadn’t quite realised how enormous this tree was until I was away from it, walking back after taking photos of the wee broken car. Don at bottom left for scale.


Field of flowers, okay field of weeds, but they do look pretty!


Stuff on the ground. No idea what this is, but totally looks like a bat, or a moth.

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    • Ha! I suspect I am the only person in the world (okay, maybe not the world) who had never seen one of these before!

      The family was all “it’s one of those …” too!

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