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Well, this is quite a bit to update!

And of course I don’t quite remember everything, but for the sake of completeness, I’m going to give it a crack. Lesson regarding all manner of things in there!

Note that I completely screwed up my numbering in the last post, so I’ve edited that one to make sense.


Door #12 was yet more collagen booster fluid:

Again, nothing tremendous. Again my skin sucked it up like a sponge. Despite the promise of promoting skin elasticity, none was in evidence.


Door #13 and #14

3D lifting fluid. The promise: improves the firmness of the tissue.

This is where I go a bit fuzzy. I remember this being quite thin and going on easily. I don’t recall there being much at all in the way of improving the firmness of any tissue – about as firm as ever (which is not a lot, but could be worse).


Door #15, #16 and #17

Lift express fluid. The promise: visibly reduces the depth of fine lines.

Fortunately I took a note on this early on. Cloudy, thicker than last, initially sticky, very absorbant.

This eventually gave me quite terrible milia and made my skin look generally pretty terrible. Perhaps this was to distract me from noticing the fine lines?

I was pretty glad to take a break for two because because …



I had a really simple skin routine L’Occitane serum and nivea Q10 day cream and actually my skin looked pretty darn fabulous by the end. Could also have been due to the humidity. Or possibly the fact that I was on holiday.


Door #18 and #19

Back to it with HSR lifting glamour fluid
I can’t locate the ampoules on the Australian site, this link tells me it is a special edition for the advent calendar (oooh! special!). The link also tells me it contains gold particles – lolwut?

DSLR shot! what happens when you don’t have your phone with you, but are compelled to document

The promise: visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Kind of lurid orange-ish (gold!) and reasonably thick.

After almost two weeks I’m going to say that’s a big negatory.

All lines and wrinkles are still in place. I don’t feel at all glamorous (despite just finding out that I’ve been rubbing gold into my face). But hey, at least I am not covered in white spots.


I cannot say what a relief it is to have caught up on this! FIVE MORE DOORS TO GO!

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