i don’t know if i can handle the excitement

abandoned anonymous stuffed animal

It feels like the first weekend I’ve been properly home for ages and I’m really quite looking forward to just being peaceful and not having to run about anywhere. Don is playing golf on both days – so there will be much pottering by me.

Of course I have a small and very boring ActionItems list:

➕ catch up on ironing
➕ give self pedicure
➕ prep slide deck for King Lear (ex-ex-CEO) – doing a favour
➕ RUN = 3km x 2 (at least)
➕ hand wash delicates
➕ start reading a book (any book! just get back to reading!)
➕ more decluttering (most ruthless yet)
➕ get out the light box and take some photos
➕ consider pilates
➕ meal plan

As ever, very rock and roll.

In pleasing news, I’ve returned to writing the morning diaries, am not looking at my tablet while in bed (my eyes thank me), have cut back on the news and the social media. It has all been pretty soothing. So even though I am on day 3 of my very-little-booze-october, I am surprisingly un-grumpy (though still a little grumpy). I’m going to try to keep this up for at least the month – all these things are all super-good for my mental health.

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