reading 2016: late august + september

I was reading pretty voraciously in September. Once again, I really wish I had jotted down a note after I finished each. Here’s what I remember (as ever, no affiliate links).

When I last updated I had just bought and was about to start:

Helen Russell: Year of Living Danishly
Bought after reading a sample chapter – though I can’t remember how I ended up there. Quite light and cute. Much hygge.

Richard Cornish: My year without meat Not just about not eating meat! I enjoyed this a good deal. Incredibly evocative descriptions of food which left me terribly hungry and desperate to run to the Fruit & Veg. Lots about how difficult it is for small producers to … ermm … produce and to remain viable. Strengthened my desire to eat more ethically / thoughtfully / sustainably.

Clive Cussler: Piranha
Clive Cussler: Ghost Ship
Clive Cussler: Havana Storm
Clive Cussler: Pharaoh’s Secret
Oh Clive (and co-writers) with your preposterously outrageous plots and dynamic, rugged, manful heroes who can’t be tamed. I have no idea why I love these books so much – they are so completely ridiculous. A small selection of quotes:
 – “although they were technically mercenaries, killing in cold blood wasn’t part of their moral code”
– “like campers in a national park, they planned to leave no trace”
– “like a linebacker tearing through a paper banner before a football game”
– “she shifted her weight and stepped to the side, freeing her first to strike down at his crotch”
– “but like a truck that spent its days on the worksite instead of the garage, his face carried the miles in plain view”

Sue Grafton: X
Bought in December and had mostly forgotten I’d bought it – unusual as I generally can’t wait to get stuck in to a Kinsey Milhone novel. This is the first in the series where I felt anachronisms had crept in – like I’m pretty sure no-one was using the term “hoodie” in the 1980s. And was subway tile the fashion in 1980s kitchens? It was okay – not one of the best, at this point I’m just hanging on for the last two letters.

Celeste Ng: Everything I never told you
Bought in October and another forgotten one. Read in Tokyo in pretty much one sitting. This has really stayed with me and I’ve been reluctant to pick up anything else since. Very much worth a read.

Not too bad! I really need to do more of the downloading sample chapters, I definitely would have avoided some less than desirable previous purchases if I’d taken that option!

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