slimy #9 | #10 | #11

Door #9 and #10 were, as expected triple booster fluid

feat. newkitty fur

I liked it. Still second favourite, though disappointingly no skin reorganisation was in evidence.


Door #11: collagen booster fluid

This is absorbed incredibly quickly into my skin, as though it (my skin) is a sponge. So much so that I’m surprised every morning.

It is pretty inoffensive. Whether it has improved the elasticity is quite another thing altogether.


We’re getting to the point now where I can’t compare #1 through #11 with any sort of effectiveness/accuracy/Science!.

I feel like I really should have set up some form of ratings matrix at the outset. I think my skin looks better in general – but this could well be because I am actually paying very close attention to it!

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