advanced corporate hoarding

Earlier this week I was making a giant paper Gantt chart (taller than me) with lots of moving parts, as part of planning our key business activity for the year. Old skool, but it is more effective than anything else we’ve tried.

[I’d insert a photo of my masterpiece, but none is extant]

I’d exhausted all of the colours of post-it flags we have, so turned to coloured dots for fixed dates. 
I grabbed a packet from the stationery shelves and was delighted to find a competition sticker affixed to the box:

A competition which ran August to November … 1995.

This precious box has survived three office moves. I was involved in two of those moves and there was some pretty ruthless culling of everything. How this survived is quite the mystery. Sadly the competition details have been lost to the mysts of tyme.

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2 Responses to advanced corporate hoarding

  1. I love that the prizes totalled $31,000 – such a particular number


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