a very pedestrian weekend action items list

▶ moderate length bike ride
▶ 5km run
▶ unpack overlocker (really!)
▶ bake muffins or biscuits
▶ meal plan for coming week
▶ worky-work (2 hours only)
▶ attend to eyebrows
▶ take 10 different photos with DSLR
▶ read 2 books
▶ make a list of things I’ve been meaning to post about (so I’m not forced to resort to tedious lists such as this)
▶ start practicing stretches for the splits goal
▶ knit 5 pattern repeats of scarf
▶ sit and think – about life, what I’m doing, where I’m going, what I want

I suspect that there will be at least 3 of these things which will not be Achieved, though I cannot say quite which!

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