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babykitty plans her attack

I mentioned here that I realised I’d really bought into the whole “productivity as validation of my worth” thing and so was planning to try going through last weekend without an Action Items list.

I really was not a huge fan of this unstructured time at all, I’ve discovered I find having a list and planning really quite satisfying and kind of comforting. But it was definitely worth the experiment. The only time I don’t enjoy having a plan is when on holiday – then I just want to drift.

This weekend I am going to make All The Lists and do All The Things. I have the evening to myself on Friday night – Joe/Frank working at, and Don, Joan and Bessie going to the Duck’s game – so I can make even more lists!


This is totally the worst time of year for exercise. I want to sleep more, it is cold and dark – I have no will to get outside during the week. 

I’m still managing the daily push-ups (59 – woo!), but the 100 sit-ups and squats have been in absentia for a couple of weeks and I’m only getting in one run and a cycle or pilates class on the weekend. Of course this is having the expected grumpifying effect. 

So to counter it a bit, I did my 100 sit-ups this evening and will try to make getting some exercise in the evening a priority if I can’t squeeze it in first thing. I have a fun run next weekend which I am woefully under-prepared for, so I’d best try and squeeze in some cardio during the week too.

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