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A super-quiet night and peaceful evening for me and the kitties while everyone is out watching the ducks.

We have a bike ride tomorrow, so I was carb loading at dinner – penne with a teaspoon of stir-through chili sauce. Yikes! I am a big fan of spicy food, but this was insanely hot. Fortunately there was enough milk and chocolate in the house to soothe my burned palate.

There was chocolate in the house because I’ve been eating way, way too much over the past couple of weeks – mostly as a wine alternative. It has been pretty action packed at SML, we’ve been getting home late, it has been cold &etc. And I’m totally fine with that BUT this is my last weekend of indulgence – the chocolate thing is getting way out of hand and has the potential to unravel all my good health. I do kind of enjoy a deprivation challenge.

Otherwise this evening, I pottered, watched old episodes of Midsomer Murders and prepared a terribly pedestrian, but satisfying Action Items list:

✚ Bike ride
✚ Sugru: glove holder, vacuum
✚ Fix table on top balcony
✚ Run: 5km
✚ Vacuum stairs
✚ Tidy
✚ Dye eye-brows
✚ Water outdoor plants
✚ Knit couple of pattern repeats of scarf
✚ Buy kitty food
✚ Face scrub / face mask
✚ Worky-work
✚ Read 2hrs War and Peace
✚ Grab last of Joan’s belongings
✚ Fold laundry / ironing
✚ Write that list of blog posts (there’s a bunch of stuff I keep meaning to post, but the recent very late-night posting means I have very little left in the brain when the time comes to write)
✚ Stop eating chocolate
✚ Make ikea bread (I have no idea why I impulse bought bread mix while at ikea with Joan last weekend)
✚ Complete 1 chapter of cross-word for dummies book
✚ There was something else, but it has escaped me – I think this should be enough to be going on with.

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