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Our new cold-weather cycling gear arrived (hurrah!) and we planned a ride this morning to test it out. 0-2mm rain was forecast and it was pretty cloudy, but we decided to chance it.

It had been a few weeks since we’d taken our favourite route and we encountered several diversions due to path improvements under construction . This took us along us along the footpath of a pretty busy main road for a bit, rather than the lovely river-side path.

I think the weather kept most people at home because there were very few people about – which was great! But it was cold. So, so, so cold. My torso and legs were warm, but my arms, hands (despite gloves) and face were just frozen. I could barely form words and had to speak Very Slowly in order to be (barely) understood.

When we got to the turn-around point, it started to rain – rather a lot more than the 0-2mm forecast. It bucketed down most of the 20km home and we were completely soaked. At various points I could barely see. Thankfully the bikes were up to it and we arrived home unscathed to possibly the best hot shower I’ve ever had! It took quite a long time to defrost.

And then it was back to the InformationSuperhighway to grab a long-sleeved thermal base layer, some winter gloves and a merino necktube that I should be able to pull over my face.

Before the torrential ran, I managed a couple of photos:

All geared up!

I was really skeptical of padded cycling pants. I was wrong, they are genius to ride in, though when standing up feel rather like wearing a really giant sanitary pad. I bought the kind with a bib – this is REALLY great. I have a long torso and shirts tend to ride up and show my back and belly, which no-one needs to see, plus excellent for keeping toasty.

I probably need a more racy helmet, but spending is on hold for a little while.


Botany Bay all bleak and beautiful and deserted. So different to the summer.

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