94th circle of hell

This afternoon we went to Costco for the first time.

The humanity!

Sydney traffic being what it is, it took a good long while to get there and once there it was insanely crowded and we bought a bunch of stuff that we probably didn’t really need.

I can’t say I’ll be in a hurry to return in any sort of near future. Rather makes me appreciate our more expensive little SupaIGA.

2 thoughts on “94th circle of hell

  1. Tips for young players: never, ever, ever go to Costco on a Sunday or Saturday afternoon. I LOVE Costco but you have to have a list, a plan to get in and out in 30 minutes and avoid peak hours. I buy: loo rolls, laundry detergent, dry dog food, tinned tomatoes, malden salt, tomato ketchup, vanilla paste, choc chips, bacon and butter. The meat is excellent with lots of American cuts but short shelf life so check and freeze. The fruit and veg can be very good (trays of mango in summer).

    • We were pretty excited to find tri-tip and flank steak! And amazed by the meat in general.

      Among other things, we came away with:
      – flank steak (as a test of the meat)
      – loads of kitty food (maybe 2 months worth)
      – huge bottle of Tabasco sauce
      – 300m roll of cling wrap (will be interesting to see how long this lasts)
      – lots of saxa salt
      – way too many giant snacks

      Yes – definitely need a list if we go again AND MUST AVOID THE GIANT SNACKS.

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