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For the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long I’m quite satisfied with my size1. It has taken lots of hard work and discipline to get here and I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping at it. 

I don’t usually weigh myself regularly, so when we arrived in our hotel in Melbourne earlier this month I jumped on the scale, expecting to see something between 50kg and 54kg. 

I was pretty horrified to read 58kg, and it threw me into a bit of a tailspin of the ZOMG! I am getting fat type.  I’m between a size 6-8 (I think that is a 2-4 in US sizes) and getting smaller would be both ludicrous and unhealthy. 

Intellectually I knew my reaction was completely ridiculous, but because I can’t visualise what I look like, I had to go and take a photo of myself as reassurance that I didn’t need to start reducing calories right now!

Clearly I have some issues here I need to resolve, but there will definitely be no more jumping on any scales for me!


1Sure I have tons of the usual jiggles, sags and wobbles of a lady my age who has lost a bunch of weight, but hey, I’ve got pretty clothes to disguise them.

2 thoughts on “on body image

  1. OK, you know it’s a true fact that muscle weighs more than fat, so don’t panic, go with the way you feel and the way your clothes fit. I do know that disappointing feeling though. Staying off the scale is a good plan.
    BTW I started doing 5-2 about six months ago and it is working really well! My weight has plateaued after an initial satisfying drop, but my clothes fit much better.

    • Oh I’m so pleased you’ve had success with 5:2. I think it is pretty common to plateau for a bit. I definitely have at various times over the almost-two-years we’ve been doing it.

      Yes the clothes are definitely the measure!

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