up against it

How on earth can it be the end of May already? I know I say this all the time, but this year has gone incredibly fast. I do kind of miss last year’s routine of tracking my goals each month, may have to institute something similar for the remaining months of the year.

June looks to be fairly action-packed:
– more changes afoot at SML – and hopefully I’ll be able to finally reveal that exciting opportunity
– a 5 day course (3 days + 2 days) – which will involve written assessments. Eeep! we all know how well that has gone in the past (already I’m panicking)
– 5km fun run on Sunday (please don’t rain)
– long ride (hoping to push it to 90km) on one of the weekends (please don’t rain)
– at least one pilates class (okay for it to rain)
– Public Holiday!

And I need to revisit the 50before50 list because I’m pretty sure I’ll have to rejig or replace some of the items – unlikely at this point that I’ll run 100km of fun runs in 18 months, for example. Don’t want to set myself up for failure by pursuing something I’m out of love with. Isn’t it fascinating how your interests or desires can change entirely in 6-12 months?

The next 546 days are going fly past and I’ll consider it a massive achievement if I even get 1/4 completed at the current rate of progress, so I’d best get a little more serious.

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