hopscotch appears to be the thing in the ‘hood

I’m typing this on a tiny bluetooth keyboard attached to my adorable ipad mini – apart from my fingers getting accustomed to slightly condensed key positions, I think it will prove much superior for posting from bed (as is my recent habit) than the onscreen keyboard. The combination of mini and keyboard is roughly 80,000 times lighter than my laptop, so I can see myself using this quite a bit. The fingers keep reaching for the non-existent trackpad, but will adjust soon enough, I’m sure.

Oooh! I wonder if I could also pair this with my phone? Will report back.


Winterish weather has finally made an appearance – I actually had to wear track-pants, socks and a jumper to bed last night because it was so cold. Of course this meant that I woke up in the middle of the night with a core temperature of around 150oC and had to divest myself of all the layers so I could sleep.

I’ve busted out the coat, scarf and gloves in the last two days – and have been resoundingly mocked by a certain nameless boss (“it’s not that cold”, “you ladies … ” &etc). But hey, I thankfully no longer have much body fat to keep me warm, plus I’m an old lady and they’re always cold. 

Next stop – the heaters. And maybe some thick curtains for the dining area, because despite the thick walls the cold seeps in quite a bit.

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