Until today, I think it had been a bit over five months since I took my kindle and sat in the park at lunch for a good read.

Bobs is a bit of a tyrant, so lengthy lunches are kind of frowned on and mostly I’ve been using my time to undertake personal admin tasks or to shop, which my bank account probably does not thank me for.

I was surprised to find the park is all sorts of torn up with trucks and diggers everywhere, so it was not the most soothing of environments, but Holy!Goodness! it was so nice to get away and bury myself in a book. And I think very good for my mental health.

I’ve been wondering why I powered through dozens of books last year and I think I have my answer – setting aside an hour(ish) a day for uninterrupted reading really makes a difference.

I’ve resolved to try and do this at least once a week – which will be quite the challenge now that the (relatively) colder weather is upon us.

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