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Our fantastic electrician1 popped around this afternoon to check out the melted outlet and the rest of the wiring and such. Fortunately everything is all good and he installed a lovely 4 plug outlet in place of the melted 2 plug one.

PSA: don’t plug your clothes dryer into a powerboard / powerstrip, folks!

Ours had been plugged into the same powerboard for almost 4 years, but it was one of those ticking timebomb style situations. Fortunately ThePalace(OfLove) is made from brick and not wood (or straw) or it could have ended quite nastily. Eeeep!

Of course now I’m on the lookout for potential hazards and with my usual over the top approach figure we could probably do with having another fire blanket or two around the place given we have so many floors.

1seriously, hit me up if you’re in the inner west and need a recommendation

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