will probably involve sloth

this was a particularly excellent cheese

This is where I really wish I had written down that list of things I had in my mind to post about.

As it is I think I will sleep. That Cold is still hovering on the fringes, but I am still determined to ward it off with my Mind Powers.

I will leave you to ponder this piece of excellence (I swear this is not going to be all Nicole Antoinette, all the time): 

We have built a culture of productivity addicts who therefore suffer from productivity anxiety … in a social environment that glorifies one’s output. She who creates/does/gives the most, wins.

Eeeeep! I have so bought into this idea, I feel terribly uncomfortable if I’m not crossing things off a lengthy Action Items list. So this weekend I am planning to have no plan – which is all kinds of confronting.

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