to have one’s ear pulled by the emperor was considered the greatest honour and mark of favour at the french court

Thanks to the plane trip to Melbourne, I’m now 64% through War and Peace. According to the kindle I have 7 hours and 3 minutes remaining – a fact I view with suspicion because about 114 hours ago it told me I had 9 hours remaining.

I’m delighting in the very lengthy chapter titles which would be really maddening if you’re into suspense.

I’m still book-marking the occasional delightful phrase, which I should really get out of the device. I lost dozens of glorious Miss Silver quotations and all fabulously unusual words I’d flagged from PD James novels when the old kindle died his sad death. Digital is definitely my preferred reading medium, but I’m definitely all about the paper for note-taking and retaining for reference.

I’m using my not inconsiderable stubbornness and positive thinking to ward off what feels like it could be a cold. Really I could do with 7+ hours snuggled up in bed to wrap up this project!

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