stuff in the … letterbox: 2016 election

Bessie discovered this intriguing piece of I’m-not-sure-what in the letterbox today.

One one side is what looks like a colour printout of a scanned newspaper photograph of a pod of dolphins

And on the other side, well …

18 May

I already have got the inner conviction and deep gut feeling – even though I’m 21 years old that Mr Malcolm Turnbull is going to win the July 2016 election by a very small lead. I feel disappointed but I bet this inner conviction will come true! Next day he’ll be seen grinning widely in newspapers.

Just. What?

(Dear possibly unhinged old person, you’re fooling no-one with your claims of being 21)

Also. What?


For the uninitiated, we have a federal election coming in July. Malcolm Turnbull is the current prime minister, and is from the conservative* party. Our electorate is quite the opposite of conservative and will be an extremely tight contest between Labor and the Greens.

*conservative is relative, I suspect he could possibly be considered quite liberal in the US

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