I’ve still got that brooding tension headache. So I’ve escaped upstairs away from Don and Bessie who have spent the last couple of hours screaming at the television (Joe/Frank has contained his yelling to typing on the InformationSuperhighway) – it’s a very, very tight game – go ducks!

I have no idea the source of the headache. It does coincide with the teetotalling, Don’s theory is that perhaps my body is re-finding equilibrium. If that is it, I do wish it would hurry up and get there.

I’m thrilled it is the weekend, it has been a bit of a crazy week (aren’t they all?)


Before we left for our weekend in Melbourne, Bessie gave me this excellent book for mother’s day. The series fills me with delight.

From my favourite page:

“Don’t forget your scarf, Scott,” says his mum.
Scott has not forgotten his scarf in years. He is 46.

Of course I absolutely don’t know anyone at all like that.

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