where does it all come from?

So, about that recent decluttering …

I’ve had these DVDs for around 11 years – and I have never watched them.

I accepted that I am never going to and gifted them to Heather who was delighted (and will probably also never watch them).


I also accepted that I was never going to repair the old, broken kindle, so wiped it and put in the e-waste stash.

I was having a hard time deciding what to do with the Iliad. The battery won’t hold a charge and it is quite annoying to read while plugged in. But I do love it – the screen is large and the resolution on par with the much newer space-kindle. If I wanted to replace the battery, I’d need to get out the soldering iron – which on the one hand, there’s one of my 50before50 goals (#33); on the other, seems like a bit of effort (and there are “put electrical tape everywhere else you’ll short something” warnings all over the InformationSuperhighway). Plus, I have a kindle already.

Holding onto this for a little while longer while I make the decision. I’m really conflicted.


I was pretty ruthless with the stuff in my bedside table and by toiletries shelf and moisturisers and such are now either in use – or tossed. Why I was holding onto things that were awful on my skin is a mystery and I really, really didn’t need the buckingham palace souvenir lavender toiletries Arnie and his partner gifted me, sweet though the gesture was.


I also tossed a bunch of cleaning products, including two different types of kitty urine remover.

Unfortunately this doesn’t mean the kitties have stopped weeing everywhere (monsters), but these do not work anywhere near as well as well as white vinegar, bicarb soda and hydrogen peroxide.


And I bid farewell to a bunch of clothes I realised are past their use-by date – some tired cardigans, jeans that are way too large and other bits.

It really hard to acknowledge that I can’t get away with ironic clothing anymore without looking ridiculous (I rode that train quite to the limit I think). So the achiever shirt was off to Bessie (and Don’s version off to Joe/Frank – yep, matching ironic shirts)

And the crazy cycling shirt I bought on ebay, in the charity pile. The raod cycling bit made me laugh, but it felt like wearing a plastic bag. I probably should have just laughed about it on the internet.

I also put every pair of shoes that was elderly, that I hadn’t worn for ages (including my old hiking boots), or was not comfortable into the pile for the charity bin. That accounted for quite a bit.

I accepted that these awesome muji shoes I bought in Hong Kong were a half size too small.

Luckily, I could replace them – this was amazing, as I’d been looking for this size on and off for ages.


And un-pictured: this book and the complete works of Shakespeare – which no-one will read, even if they wanted to, that’s what kindles are for.


And there is definitely more where all of that came from!

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