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After just under 10 years in the same location, SML is moving to new offices. We’re only moving a couple of blocks away, but it will necessitate me taking a different, and rather less scenic, route to work.

I documented the penultimate walk with a couple of pix:

There’s been a quite massive de-cluttering of accumulated junk in preparation. Holy!Goodness! we’d been holding onto some rubbish.

I, on the other hand, have been recluttering – I’ve acquired several large frames and I rescued the eBook reader I trialled back in 2008 which had obviously been stored in a cupboard for many years and was covered in some sort of horrid sticky gunge – even though I have kindle-y, I just could not bear to see the Iliad in the bin when I loved it so much back in the day. In good news I resisted a whole lot of junk too – like a bunch of other frames and the dead, elderly imac.

We’re moving into very open plan – no offices and the desks are all closely arranged in sweatshop-style rows. Should be awesome!

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