Can I just mention that the preceeding week was both stressful and shit – primarily due to The Professor (again).

Thank goodness for the weekend, which makes everything seem not at all quite so revolting. It was a quiet one, which involved mindless blog reading1, cooking (slow roasted lamb + chilli con carne), a house inspection, cleaning, crafting and a wee bit of inspired decorating.

Enjoy some random photos, in lieu of actual words…

I think there might actually be a blanket at the end of this (unlike previous efforts!)

A little bit of Cinque Terra on our dining table.

Holiday snaps – $21 (for materials: hooks + frames) very well spent. The photos were free when I signed up with snapfish.

Alternate view.

Finally able to listen to radio in a civilised manner.

I am still impossibly jealous of the lovely James and his fabulous new toy. But I have something almost as awesome (albeit only as a trial for 2 weeks). It’s possibly the most fab thing that has ever happened at Marie Celeste (well, apart from Don). I will not mention it by name in actual text, lest I am uncovered by colleagues searching for it when it is their turn…

Paranoid, much?

Text in very bright afternoon sun.

Love those socks and trackies!

Truly, I am totally in love with it, and if it was not $900 (ack!) I would be down getting myself one right about now. It feels wonderful to the touch, the text looks amazing (I want a monitor just like it), it is awesome for bus, couch and bed (so much better in bed than a regular book). It is also perfect for knitting/crocheting while reading. I think the included tablet is a bit of overkill (and makes it all the more expensive). I just hope I get the “at risk” component of my salary, because I kind of think I might get myself one.

1I think Google Reader has been the worst thing ever for my blogging. I just sit there mindlessly reading a couple of hundred blogs without engaging at all with them, really, there is very little difference between that and sitting slack-jawed in front of the teev. A cull and refocus is on the cards.

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