While the Sydney Swans’ Buddhist captain, Brett Kirk, does have a very good relationship with the Dalai Lama – last year introducing His Holiness to a Buddhist crowd at the Domain – the robed one was not at the SCG for the match against

St Kilda last Saturday, as many thought. It was a case of mistaken identity. It was a monk who was a dead ringer for the Dalai Lama. However, eight Gyuto Buddhist monks did mix it with Swans coach Paul Roos and Kirk in the Sydney rooms afterwards. Saturday SMH

Hmmmmmmmm, then why were the Police Officers who were walking about the Noble stand during the match tell people in the crowd that they were there for the Dalai Lama? It certainly looked like him.

The goss section in the Herald is on the slippery downward slope (as is the rest of the online version) – one might as well read the Tele!

Nice image in Crikey during the week – what would happen if the Herald/Age dead tree edition had the same articles as the online version:

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