golly, that was a long week!

Damn flickr and it’s photo upload limiting ways, I’m using the MrsH photobucket account temporarily (until I have consumed less white wine and work out an alternative).

Here is a very rushed picture taken this morning of my new specs. I wanted to take it while there was some natural light, unfortunately it was very overcast and drizzly.

They have a totally mad red and black chequerboard pattern on the sides – which sounds absolutely ghastly, but really isn’t quite *that* ghastly. I promise a more pix when there is decent light.

Everything is bright and sparkly clean, it’s like someone has taken a squeegee to my eyes! Although my eyes get a little tired during the day, but apparently this is to be expected for a while.

Here is what happened with those vegies we won at the pub (and some acquired at the local vegie shop):

Some olive oil, spices and in the oven for about 45 minutes – mmmmmmmmm.

And my very fave book of the moment, thank you book depository. 795-ish pages and almost 6kg of gorgeousness:

This weekend I plan to stay warm, and knit and not be at work drink wine and not be at work and drive bavlova (the car has finally been named!) and not be at work and read blogs and not be at work and do some housework and not be at work and cook this cake and not be at work and (other things which currently escape me).

2 thoughts on “golly, that was a long week!

  1. Thanks anon!It was a rather super (in a sedate way) weekend.Warmth had, house clean, clothes washed, bavlova driven, knitting knitted, blogs read, wine drunk and …. I was not at (nor did I think about) work.

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