slimy #2 + #3

I was pretty deflated to learn that behind advent door #2 was … exactly the same thing as door #1

However this did reinforce that I like it quite a bit. My skin feels really great – and this time it did last 7 days.

And I realised that it is hydra plus active fluid, which I worked out by a combination of shoving blank paper in the empty ampoule and reading the back of the box.


I was expecting the repetition to last a while, but door #3 served up something new:

algae active fluid – slime power!

While still good, I wasn’t quite so jazzed by this one. I’m assuming I’ll get at least one repeat, so we’ll see how I go at the end of the two weeks.

At this point I’d probably actually buy the hydra active fluid.


There is another decluttering post in the works, but I will note this here because it fits with the theme.

In a frenzy of using stuff I’ve impulse bought (or ditching it), I busted out the enzyme cleanser which I was upsold along with the advent calendar.

This is a weird powder that you mix into a paste with water. I’m using it in the shower – which can make it difficult to get the correct consistency. It is very gentle, but still exfoliate-y if that makes sense. I’ve been using it for about a week, and I’m pretty pleased with how it is working – my face is very soft. That said, it is a bit fussy to use and I don’t know that I would seek out another – I shouldn’t have to worry about that any time soon as there is tons of it in the container.


I’m usually not such a beauty product person, but I’d have to say this is actually pretty fun. It is like a little present every Monday.

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