unearthing treasures

Remember when I went to the spa to celebrate my old lady day? I was up-sold on a bunch of product which has sat in the back of my cupboard for over 4 months.

This morning I dragged the bag out and am going to force myself to use the contents. The big box is an advent calendar containing different serum ampoules (the therapist recommended I use one a week, rather than each day), the others are an exfoliating powder for my face and a sample of collagen cream.

I may report back.

I really need to stop buying stuff only to not use it (yes, let us not speak of the overlocker).


I stumbled across the shmoop study guide to war and peace when I was searching for a chapter name to paste in a post (being on my tablet, pasting is much quicker than typing). It amuses me greatly and I find it completely delightful. It contains such gems as:

• Prince Vassily is bummed and starts to complain about his deadbeat kids who are costing him an arm and a leg.

• But maybe this isn’t the best way to get to the bottom of things, since Andrei and Liza clearly need some couples’ therapy and not just to bicker with each other in front of a friend.

To be honest it is very much enhancing my reading experience, though I suspect the novelty may wear off.

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