very small victories

Argh! I wrote this on Thursday and just re√†lised it didn’t post. Gosh-darned tablet, this is not the first time this has happened. I’m still counting it toward my posting streak – of 96 days! Only 269 daysand a whole lot of filler until I hit my target.


I did also take some pleasing kitty pix with the DSLR before that sunset. What an adorable monstrous beast BabyKitty is – this is why she gets away with waking me at 4am demanding food.

I wonder if I should accept the idea that it is unlikely that I will achieve much in the evenings because I’m generally too drained. I really don’t care for that as an option though. Perhaps I need to focus on just doing one non-cooking activity and build up from there. I might give that a crack for a week and see how I progress.

But in very good news, did not snack at all this evening – we’ll just gloss over the fact that it was a fast day.

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