and don was in bed by 8:47pm

Wow, absolutely knackered this evening.

Got a late-ish start just before 8am on what is now our regular Saturday morning bike ride. I find it quite hilarious that we’re all “let’s go for a short ride” and were talking 40km. That was a pretty swift progression from utterly hopeless to sort-of-okay!

We went quite fast. Well fast for us. Fastest 500m was 32.9km – and that was on the flat. It really got the blood pumping (yay endorphins!) – and, heresy, I’m actually enjoying the bike rides a lot more than running right now.


I did get a run in yesterday after work. This is probably the last one I’ll manage for a while because daylight savings ends tonight and we’ll now arrive home in the dark. The upside of this is that it will finally be light at a decent hour of the morning!

I ran 2.42km – I’m increasing by 10% each time. I’m being super-conscious of my form and so far the ankle is holding up okay. Planning to get out tomorrow morning for a 2.66km run.


Today was World Autism Awareness Day so after the bike ride we went with Joe/Frank to an autism meetup at COFA. Services and information for adults on the spectrum is pretty disparate and difficult to track down, so it was pretty excellent to learn about autismCRC who have a focus on research “across the lifespan”. It was really interesting to see what research projects are underway and potentially participate.


Then we did tons of grocery shopping – which took us around the world in ghastly Saturday traffic. Our goal this year was not to shop on weekends and we were doing pretty well, but we’ve both got a hellish couple of weeks ahead of us, so the plan was to over-plan what we can to make everything as seamless as possible.

We needed to stop in at Essential Ingredient and naturally came away with much more than we’d planned to – including a new scale, our old one was driving us batty by flicking to lbs and being quite unwilling to move to grams.


I’ve also managed to avoid mindless snacking – though I did just this minute scoff a Lindt Bunny.

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