the opposite of action-packed

2.66km run this morning – went okay. Next we increase to 2.93km!


I finished up the final bits of the second skirt conversion:

Action shots from earlier in the week:


Did a bunch of ironing, not pictured. NewKitty hung out with the DVD player while I watched more Midsomer Murders.


And cooked a big batch of chili


Also made a temporary box to contain the spices which wouldn’t fit in the existing spice box and were sliding about falling out of the cupboard.


I admired the garage coat rack (feat. a very small selection of Don’s hats)


And I read a bunch of War and Peace – I’m now 19% of the way through (that escalated quickly!). I’m much more engaged and feel like I could make a real stab at finishing this. The Space-kindle says I have 9 hours and 9 minutes to go, but I think that is just a little unrealistic. I read pretty fast, but not quite that fast!

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2 Responses to the opposite of action-packed

  1. I read War and Peace in my teen years and I remember enjoying it, especially the second volume, I even had a crush on Andrey :) At our age reading classics is so much harder, good for you! I’m reading Zorba the Greek now and although it’s fantastic, I get tired of it at times and alternate it with lighter reading :(


    • carolbaby says:

      Reading War and Peace seems to be a thing right now. I blame ganching for inspiring me to do it.

      As an old lady reading it, I think that I’m seeing this through a completely different lens than I would have when I was younger. A shame I don’t have both perspectives actually because it would be really interesting to explore the differences.

      I do wish I had the huge chunks of interrupted time I had when I was younger to immerse myself in books. As it is, I tend to carry the kindle around everywhere when I am absorbed in something – so I’ll do dishes and fold laundry with it beside me.

      After War and Peace, I’m definitely retreating to some cosy murder mysteries!


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