pacing it

Friday was the last day of the old route to work:

Glad to get some gloomy pix in with the sunshiney ones.

I’ve been pretty pleased with some of my recent iphone photos. Unfortunately when I drag out my lovely new camera, I get stuff like:

wobbly! but how about that moon?

Note to self: drag out the wee tripod for future Giant Moon shots. Irrespective of the tripod, I am in dire need of more camera practice.


Yesterday morning Bessie and I visited remnant warehouse for the first time to pick up some fabrics for her current assessment. Holy!Goodness! fabric nirvana! So many bargains.

It was a quite lovely morning:

During the week Bessie had inadvertently grabbed my planned quilt border fabric and screen-printed all over it. Oops. The perils of a shared fabric stash!

Totally serves me right for not making progress on it, but fortunate that I didn’t, because I found replacement fabric (large remnants) that is much, much superior.

sadly though, photographs quite terribly

I think the colour works a lot better and it is of similar drape to the squares, which is good because the chambray wasn’t and I was a little concerned about how that would go – it is as fray-y as heck though.

I still have about 20 squares to baste around – they were slightly different (up to 7mm) sizes, so I’m standardising before I get to phase two – which is cutting out the borders. I expect to get to this stage some time in 2019.

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