maybe some light dusting?

I like to think that I am somewhat self-aware and as I noted in the comments on this post, I realise that I tend to use household chores as avoidance for attempting in the more risky type of creative pursuit – where I might have to stretch or challenge myself – where the results might be less than perfect.

So all that cooking and cleaning and ironing and mending are not quite as admirable as they might seem! Nonetheless, hey, I’m knocking action items off the list.

First up, chest freezer. Not content with simply taking inventory, I de-iced it. We’ll gloss-over the last time that was done.

rather a lot of ice

The inventory proved that we don’t actually need another lamb delivery quite at the moment, given that we have: 2 x butterfly leg; 2 x diced shoulder; 4 x packets lion chops; 4 x packets lamb cutlets; 1 x lamb mince; 6 x lamb shanks.

Yikes! I see lots of lamb-based meals in our future.

We also have 14 x various frozen leftovers. Both of these things should be excellent for the budget.


I avoided challenge by ironing, walking a bunch of clothes down to the dry-cleaner, faffing about with my kindle library, faffing about on the InformationSuperhighway, reading more of the chairman’s memoir, tiding and sweeping the garage and adding another tray to the worm farm.


I also completed the pink hat (currently blocking):

in progress shots

I am unconvinced about it on me, but it will probably suit Bessie.

I also knitted the big hat with this yarn1. The pattern knits up super-quickly on 10mm needles – took less than an afl game to complete.

i really think it needs a pompom

lesson not to leave unattended balls of yarn about overnight

I am also unconvinced about this one. Perhaps I am just not suited for hats?


Today I will mend, make lemonade, cook some chicken for the kitties, book a rubbish pick-up, collect the dry-cleaning and run – yay! more avoidance.

But I have laid out fabric sample squares for patchwork quilt on the table. I have had these sample squares for … oh roughly 12 years and the border fabric (I have no idea of correct quilting nomenclature) for maybe 2 years.

fabric samples from reverse garbage

Currently I am trying to decide if I prefer the grey side or the blue side. I’m thinking the blue. Or maybe I should use a mix of both? ARGH!?!

As TheUniverse is my witness, I will have at least ten of these squares with borders by the end of the weekend!

1Despite searching far and wide, I never did find another ball of it.

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