temporary respite

so cold that inflatable icebergs have formed

Holy!Goodness! it is really very cold in ThePalace(OfLove). Despite the very excellent gas heater and woolly socks, I can feel the cold seeping through the floorboards.

It feels like the coldest winter for a few years – though possibly we have short memories. Certainly we’ve not had to use a heater in our bedroom before now. In the grand scheme of things, it is not that cold, but as a city, we’re not very well equipped to manage it.

We’re in a rare relatively quiet time at SML – we’re leaderless, Dr12 having departed, LadyPenelope (new CEO) not commencing until August. MrT suggested that I might like to take a couple of days as breathing space before we are slammed with work and I cold not put my leave form in quickly enough.

So here I am with unexpected time on my hands! I have a pottering list, but it will take all of my powers to not fritter my time away on the InformationSuperhighway.

On pottering list:

  • start two hats
  • make test quilt squares
  • attempt ran/walk intervals of more than 3km
  • sort network addressing
  • ironing
  • bake cake (or bikkies)
  • commence sorting hard drive
  • catch up on mending
  • catch up on ironing
  • blog
  • catch up on reading
  • cut out muslin for wiksten tank + sorbetto
  • try out squarespace
  • experiment planting apple seeds
  • declutter
  • freezer inventory

We’ll see how that goes!

4 thoughts on “temporary respite

    • Yes, you should blog more – I miss your posts!

      I’ve played around a bit and the results are very clean and exceptionally pretty. I have found it quite easy to use – all very drag and drop. I’d recommend signing up and having a go at the free trial. I think the pricing is pretty competitive with the paid wordpress options and cheaper than typepad.

      I’m not sure if I will pull the trigger or not – while there are things about wordpress that I find very frustrating, I am kind of accustomed to it (and the thought of importing 11 years of archives makes me shudder).

    • Just between you and me I think my devotion is more about avoiding creativity/challenge: “oh I can’t make this muslin / knit this thing because I simply MUST do the ironing”.

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