the soft options

I crossed off a number of items on the action list yesterday – though admittedly avoided some of the more challenging ones.

Changing the network addressing and sorting my SML VPN access (finally!) was a doddle. I spent a good few hours sorting the files on my laptop and deleted 47.9GB(!) of files, though a good deal of that was media moved to the media PC attached to the television.


Signed up for a free trial of squarespace. Played about. The templates are very clean and pretty and it is relatively simple to use – very drag and drop. Pricing is competitive with the paid options on other blog hosts.

Comparison screenshots below. To be honest, I think I respond better to my cluttered wordpress layout.



There are several things about wordpress that I am not a huge fan of, but whether I am ready to invest the time in learning a new platform and importing the way-too-many-years-of-archives remains to be seen!


One of the issues I have with my super-short haircut is that most hats I’ve made are more suited to people with actual hair (Joan and Bessie) and make me look kind of ridiculous because they completely swamp my head.

These few days will be all about finding/making things for me! So I started this hat which knits up very quickly on giant needles.

And longer-term about using what I have in the very small stash as part of the frugality project. I have by far enough materials for any number of craft projects – I don’t need to be bedazzled by new shiny things!


The downstairs monster freezer fills me with dread:

much worse than it looks

So I tidied the upstairs freezer:

Baby steps.

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