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Holy!Goodness! this morning was productive! I had THREE casseroles (chili con carne, raised oxtail with mustard + boeuf en daube) on stove/in oven and shopped for fruit and veg all before 12pm.

I cleaned pruned plants on the top and front balcony (and was poked in the right eye by a yukka – ouch), folded laundry and set up my land!

NewKitty helps with the blog posting

Cast-off ikea table from Joan, $30 ikea chair, $20 ikea solar desk lamp (which doesn’t seem to be on the AU site any longer).

It is so minimalist and quiet! Sitting in the window is glorious (and the view over the rooftops and trees is so soothing), but it does get a little glarey in the afternoon.

Yesterday was all about laundry (normally Joe/Frank is in charge of washing, but he has a terrible cold) and deep cleaning ThePalace(OfLove) – so much dust and kitty hair accumulates during the week!

I have yet to run, but it is a gorgeous day and I need to get out and amongst it.


ThePlan is so far going okay – so far I have successfully avoided the boden 50% off sale and two knitting patterns, but I have succumbed to two kindle books1 (but the total was under $25, so I’ll give myself a pass!). Hmmmmm – perhaps I should keep a list of the things I avoid buying over the 6 months?

I have been terrible about taking lunch to work – I think the best approach would be to make it the night before, because while I am up extremely early, I enjoy extracting maximum sloth time before I leave for SML.

Really though, the key to achieving the goal will be to stop the random trips to ikea and kitchenware stores and going way, way over the food budget.

The excess (deductable) for the panzo repairs and the unplanned replacement of the hot water heater was a wee set-back to the goal, but hey, I am up for a challenge!


Much later … just back from a 3km run. It was great – so many people and adorable doggies about in the neighbourhood.

Definitely need to focus on getting more vitamin D.


1 the other is a memoir by our new SML overlord.

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