all the exclamation marks

tree failure


Really, so hot! I cannot even describe how glorious it was to have a shower when I arrived home from SML. Boiling the kettle was getting really tiresome – I don’t know how people coped in olden times. I am very thankful for awesomely awesome tradies.

The new hot water heater is the continuous flow type so needed an electrical outlet. But we lacked such an outlet, so WonderPlumbers organised for an electrician to come along too.

The electrician happened to be our fabulous electrician – he did an amazing job of cleverly feeding the cable through the ceiling (we don’t have a roof-space) and installing a power point on the balcony AND while he was at it, installed one through the outside wall to the top landing! Which means I can now have a land of my own! I AM SO EXCITED!

Tomorrow will be spent arranging it to suit my precise requirements.


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