2015 projects progress: june

Halfway point of the year.

I feel like I have been sleep-walking through May and June. I need to shake it up in July – but at the end of day 2 I still feel a little adrift.

But time for the reckoning: TL;DR version – of 12 projects: 5 achieved; 4 partially achieved; 3 not achieved.

  1. war on sloth
    – running at least 3x per week / daily exercise – core + glutes (even 5 minutes is better than nothing).
    NOT ACHIEVED: Wow. No. Getting worse.

  2. war on graffiti
    – never let the graffiti on the front of ThePalace(OfLove) remain unpainted for more than 24 hours. Always photograph, always report.
    ACHIEVED: hit twice, painted as quickly as the weather would permit!

  3. war on duopolies
    – minimise shopping at Coles / Woolies and their associated companies.
    – support small, independent businesses
    ACHIEVED!: 188 DAYS!!!! I feel really good about this.

  4. war on clutter
    – get rid of everything we don’t need or want or things we have been holding on to for stupid reasons
    ACHIEVED!: Lots carted off. There is still much to do.

  5. war on chub
    – continue with amazingly successful 5:2 diet
    – no booze (except for holidays)
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED: So after a horribly boozy lunch with DishyBoss mid-June I’ve given up entirely and managed social occasions without! Yay!
    I now own a pair of (slightly vanity-sized) size 6 pants (that’d be a US 2). I am beyond thrilled with the weight loss.

  6. war on unnecessary spending
    – don’t buy anything that is not absolutely essential – none of this fudging with the definition of essential.
    – take lunch to work at least 4 days per week
    NOT ACHIEVED: I did spend rather a lot in June on pretties. ThePlan started yesterday (just in time for an expensive replacement hot water heater).

  7. war on the uncreative (apologies for the lame project title, alternative suggestions welcome!)
    – make one thing per month
    – blog at least every second day
    – take at least one photo every day
    NOT ACHIEVED: This was a massive failure on all levels!

  8. war on blandness
    – read good books | watch good films and television (at least once a week)
    – eat good new things (two per month?)
    – listen to one improving podcast per week
    – avoid reading the increasingly dreadfulsmh.com.au
    (VERY) PARTIALLY ACHIEVED!: No new recipes tried.
    Yes, podcasts, have listened a lot
    Yes, no smh for SIX whole months.
    No, films + tv.
    No, books. Bloody hell, how did I not even read?

  9. war on the shoddy / shonky in ThePalace(OfLove)
    – have the leaks fixed
    – finish the last bits of the paintering
    – get quotes for balcony sliding door | shutters | conservatory
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED: roof leaks appear to have ceased. There is a lot to be done to stop the place falling down. Quotes for non-essentials indefinitely on hold.

  10. war on our genX slackerness
    – get our finances in order
    – get our estate planning in order
    ACHIEVED!: ThePlan starts now.

  11. war on the career (see genX slackerness)
    – ramp up the professionalism in dress, grooming and manner.
    – just knuckle down and do this advanced manageressing course. FIVE times a week.
    – take this “I am expecting big things from you in the next six months” seriously and action accordingly.
    PARTIALLY ACHIEVED: Yeah, the less said about that course, the better.
    I presented to the Board (with Knut)! This was a Big Deal. I’ve heard from several people that it was very well received.
    Exceeded target by almost $30m (yep – you read that “m” right)
    So, there was the possibility of a plum job which would have been perfect for me and definitely taken me to the next level. Sadly this has now been fleshed out and is WAY above my present even stretch capability – bummer.

  12. war on poor self-esteem
    – just stop entirely reading the social media accounts of those who make me feel inadequate (of course, this is not you dear reader)
    ACHIEVED!: Really easy once you get in the habit (see coles+woolies & smh avoidance)

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