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giant blue balls

SML drinks this evening to celebrate the end of the financial year and everyone achieving their targets! Yay! And to farewell Dr12! Boo! So sad to see him leave – he’s been a great leader (even though he does not care for charts).

I sat on lime and sodas and watched everyone get smashed – surprisingly this is actually a little less boring than you’d imagine – and didn’t kick on because I was keen to come home for nachos!

When I arrived home at around 7pm, I discovered Don with a torch.

The hot water heater was pouring water all over the top balcony. Rats! Fortunately it is an outside one so didn’t flood ThePalace(OfLove), but yeah – no hot water for us.

Don called our amazing plumber who is coming on Friday to install a replacement. We knew it was nearing end-of-life, but had hoped to get another year out of it, because $$$ (and we were kind of toying with the idea of solar). We should have realised something was up because it was taking an age to warm up and our showers were kind of lukewarm – we had assumed that it was because it had been particularly cold this winter.

Not entirely looking forward to a day and a bit of very, very cold water – thank goodness for kettles!

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