getting our money’s worth

On Monday morning as we were preparing to leave for the daily stint of indentured servitude, Don waved the car insurance renewal form which had been sitting on his desk for an age and pointed out that it expired that day. Yikes – it had been completely overlooked! Fortunately it was paid later that day and everything was all good.

Yeah, this is totally not foreshadowing at all

We then continued with our busy week. I had to present to our Board for the first time (eeek!), meet the new CEO (starts in August), produce a ton of unplanned reports and forecasts for the Board Committee meetings, attend farewell dinner for Joan, rewrite job spec, complete extensive performance review documentation for self and team, manage a bunch of difficult peers and many new &etcs in with the usual &etcs.

It was all a little mentally exhausting and I celebrated this by growing a Giant Cold Sore which appeared without warning (so I could not take the magical preventative pills), just in time for the Board meeting and having photos taken which will appear in external comms. ACK!

I was quite pleased when we got to Friday afternoon … until …

Don called and told me that he’d gone out for a hit at lunch with his new driver1, then because he was running late for a meeting he parked in the one way street behind his work rather than in our secure spot.

He’d come out later to feed the parking meter and found that a car had run into the ute parked behind panzo with such force that it had been pushed into panzo causing quite a bit of damage to both cars.

The damage is indicated by the pink crosses below (lest you think they are shadows).

When Don arrived, the owner of the pushed ute was just getting off the phone from his insurers – but the perpetrator was nowhere to be found. But yay! there were notes left on the windscreen of both damaged cars BUT when called the number rings out and the registration number left on the panzo note was that of the dude’s ute that was pushed into us. So yeah – hit and run.

There were a bunch of witnesses who identified the make and colour of the vehicle but they didn’t take down the registration details because the driver left notes – what an absolute see-you-next-tuesday.

Fortunately Panzo is still driveable and is booked in with the assessor on Monday afternoon.

And thanks to TheUniverse that Don grabbed that insurance form on Monday AND remembered to pay it!

1His last big purchase before The Plan starts on Wednesday

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    • Yes! You should definitely copy me – I need some accountability!

      I can’t even imagine how joyous no mortgage would be – but I’m hopeful I can find out in less than 9 years.

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